Welcome to the Mason Canter Company's online Lease Application Page. Below is a handy checklist of materials you will need as well as a step by step guide to applying to rent one of our properties.


This is everything you’ll need to begin your application process. For each applicant including co-signers we will need the following items in an electronic format:

Application Package – one complete application package to be sent from each applicant(s) separate email address.

1. Application filled out COMPLETELY and signed (incomplete apps stall the process to please ask questions if not sure)
2. Renter History form for verification (fill out the top portion and sign only)
3. Photo or photocopy of drivers license or passport
4. Verification of funds - All 3 items required
    a.  Bank statements for last 2 months (You can black out the account number)
    b.  Pay stubs for last 2 months
    c.  Last Tax return or W2/1099  
5. Photo of pet(s) if applicable*
6. An email address (1 per applicant) is required to send unique ID links to complete the verification/approval process individually (ie 3 applicants must have 3 different email addresses)


Once all 6 of the above items (*5 items if no pets) are checked off, you are ready to apply! Just let us know and we'll send you an email with instructions and links to continue to the next phase. 

Application Fee  - You will receive an email with instructions to submit the $35 (per app) application fee for credit & background processing. Each applicant must receive their own email with unique ID link to proceed. If you have not your own email please inform us immediately at 

Verification - We review your application materials, verify employment, income, credit and rental history.

  • Tip – to expedite processing it helps if you let your references know that we’ll be calling and that we’ll just take a moment of their time.

  • Please Note - rental applications typically take between 24-48 business hours to process.

  • We will contact you via email or phone to let you know whether your application was approved and to start the leasing process.

Approval and Next Steps - Once approved you will receive and email with a welcome letter offering management and utilities info and additional instructions. 

  1. We will prepare a lease that can be signed in person or electronically

  2. Prepare cashiers checks or money orders for all move in funds

  3. Review Utilities Info in the Welcome Letter and begin transfer into your name

Prepare Move-in Funds - must be provided in the form of a cashier’s check or money order only – no cash, personal checks or credit cards accepted. If unable to be there in person it may be possible to wire move in funds electronically with prior approval from management. 

  1. A full month’s rent

  2. Security deposit – usually equal to a full month’s rent

  3. Pet deposit ($250-$750 - if any)

Lease Signing and Final Steps - Once the lease is signed by all parties you must

  1. Provide move in funds

  2. Make arrangements for walkthrough of property

  3. Collect Keys and MOVE IN!!


We're here for you every step of the way! Just let us know when you have a question or need help with any part of this process. Happy App-ing!

The Leasing Staff


The Mason Canter Group
2150 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027